Everyone's idea of love is different. Romantic, family bonds or platonic love. All different
Everyone's needs are different and the connections may have different desires.
What it takes to be fulfilled is different for each being at any given time.

Sometimes something as simple as a hug, text or some expression of understanding and compassion for that persons situation and their feelings, means the world to someone(sometimes that expression is silence. Silent sweet love allowing you to experience your own personal chaos that is life but knowing you are supported by a village. The comfort that comes from knowing when you are ready to reach out for help, that there's a hand. That is an under rated feeling.
I am loved..I love
(I love even when I can't show it the way I desire. I love. Sometimes I love even when the other connection transitions. Grief is another side to love. Another part of the complexity of being a human)

On the flip side sometimes what you perceive as a sacrifice doesn't get translated as such. The receivers energy decides. That is why it can be good to try to give without the desire to receive YET also having enough self love to protect your own energy.

You are worthy.
Your love matters.
If you give your heart to someone and it does not vibe with them, you are still worthy. Your love still matters.
You are still art. Still love.

Just because you struggle to find the connection with an external force that shakes your inner being like the fairytales seemed to imply.... it does not lessen your value.

Your value cannot be measured by how long, and in what way you suppress your human desires. It is not how silent you can be while accepting anything less than what feels like love from anyone.
Your value is not sold in parts. "Oh I gave him the 😺 so now im not worthy of love"
^oh the weight of shame....

I feel our hearts naturally lean towards finding what feels like home.
Home within chaos...(i think this looks and feels different for everyone)

I just hope we find our own homes. Our own path.

Not a force fed limiting directive way. But one thats free, open to change and just is...a space to feel safe to be ourselves and to experience what is. The right now. Our own I Am. Then to connect with others taking part in their own journey.

💫Dreams of a world free of unnecessary limitations and the ability to embrace the possibility of more pleasurable and or supportred experiences for the collective.



I am a complex soul wrapped in chocolate flying through space on a rock trying to redefine my fairy tale

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I am a complex soul wrapped in chocolate flying through space on a rock trying to redefine my fairy tale

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